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LifeWorks Mentoring

This program is for people who are ready to live in abundance. That’s right, abundance in all areas of your life. Life = Spirit + Mental + Physical

This program is for those of us who are ready to understand that living a wholehearted life begins on the inside. Begins by tending to our mental, spiritual and physical needs. For humans who want be at cause for our hearts longings and desires to happen, rather than at the effect of the world around us. This program is for those who want to dive deep into a connected created life and do what is necessary to align with their hearts dreams and vision. Are you ready?

Our time together:

We will focus on getting intimate with the deepest driving desires of your spirit/heart and clear a path for change. You already have the answers inside of you. In our time is devoted to unveiling what your spirit has been trying to tell you. What you hold as sacred in your heart and for your life. Once we are clear, we will create long and short-term goals guided by that reservoir of wisdom within. We will awaken and support immediate shifts in your life.

Our approach:

First we will lay down a path for your spirit’s highest goals and desires. Intuitively you know what will bring you deep contentment and long-lasting joy. And when we listen to those inner longings we feel most connected and joy-full. You know your passions. Our time together is to pick up on the clues. And let them guide your unique expression of life. We will systematically dive deep to reclaim your vitality, passion and enthusiasm for life. Additionally, we will set goals to keep you on track and ultimately develop new habits to keep the path clear.

Second and most importantly: We will lovingly address what’s blocking you. Call it shadow work, parts work, looking at the negative, addressing how the past is wrecking my present (and what’s possible in the future). With awareness and with a strong foundation of modern and ancient technology, together, we will gently shift your perceptions of what’s possible, step by step we will attend to the parts that can sometimes say “it’s not possible”. Using tools from ancient Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda (think food, meditation, yoga classes…) and wisdom practices from modern cognitive behavioral sciences we will un-knot and unblock our highest potential. All with love. If not now, when? You are worthy and you are worth it.

What you will get:

  1. Ongoing support: choose between a 4 – 6 month mentoring program.
  2. Private & confidential sessions: online, phone or in person 4-6  1hr sessions.
  3. Weekly email: meditations for your specific growth, daily & easy self-care practices designed just for you, tips, tools and resources weekly.
  4. A deeper understanding of you. Who you are and who you are becoming.

After our lifeworks sessions, expect to have:


A deep understanding of your goals and how to get there

A sense of renewal and more vitality

Clear insight and tools to work through what’s stopping you

A more fulfilling relationship with yourself, creating deeper & richer relationships with others

Vitality and a healthy glowing body

Attaining what’s important to you – the distance between wanting something and attaining it grows shorter

A newfound sense of wonder and awe of life


The work we will do together will ultimately depend on you taking the tools to heart. You will have guidance and support on the path, but I can not do the work for you. I will however, be there for encouragement. Your personal teacher, preacher, cheerleader and friend. Ultimately, the strength and determination you put in will give you the results you desire and deserve.