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  • A Soul's Journey Inspired By Rod Stryker's Book The Four Desires March 23-25

    A weekend Immersion to help you discover your self-illumined self-guide.

    Ancient yoga science teaches us that there are four areas of life, that when balanced and unblocked we feel most passionate, content and truly happy. Called Purusharthas in Sanskrit, and found ing the Rg Veda, the four aims of life are:

    1.  Living with purpose - Dharma
    2.  Inner and Outer Prosperity - Artha
    3.  Pleasure and love - Kama
    4.  Freedom – Moksha

    Yoga tradition teaches that long-lasting happiness, success and peace are found when we rise up to the inner calling of these four soul-ful desires. This weekend intensive, based on Rod Stryker’s Book The Four Desires, is a guided process to access your self-illumined inner guide.

    By removing the blockages and the veils,  we will reveal the inner light of our own knowing. Yes brothers and sisters, the answers are inside you! We just have to take a moment with eyes and heart full of love and really look.

    This journey to our soul’s calling will include the step-by-step process from “The Four Desire’s Workbook”, some asana, meditation, and group activities with people just like you: Longing to live a life full of love and purpose.  You have unique expression of a thriving life. Our goal is to thrive both worldly and spiritually. Grab a friend and find out.

     Is this weekend yogic journey right for me? The answer is positively yes if you resonate with any or all of these statements:

    • I have passion and energy, but lack direction.
    • I ask myself, frequently, “What next?”
    • I know where I want to be, but honestly, I feel blocked by fear and doubt
    • I want to feel more connected to myself, my loved ones, my work
    • I want to feel passionate, alive and impact the world positively

    This weekend journey is for anyone who wants a deeper, a richer more rewarding life. All levels & all ages welcome.

    Schedule and pricing:

    Friday Night 5:30 - 8:30p

    Saturday 8a – 12 (Vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch provided) 1:30 – 5p

    Sunday 8a – 12 (Vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch provided) 1:30 – 5p